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Through the collaboration system between academy and traditional design industry

Target of the research is completes basis system of efficient educational-industrial collaboration in traditional design product industry through analysis and comparison of governments, companies and universities.
Many traditional design product industries are exist and compete each other in present days all over the world. Among these processes, many companies are developing product cooperating with college or research institute to occupy high position in market and it is applies in various parts. Nevertheless, there is no attempt to research about efficient educational-industrial collaboration methodologies yet. With efficiency of collaboration method, the better result can be out in
earlier time. At the future to approach forward, large numbers of traditional design production enterprises are going to integrate. If develop without losing competitive power under this situation, the efficient developing environments are essential.
However, only collaboration between college and company cannot dig up universal competition age. Government, college, company are should be forming a trinity. From this viewpoint, it is need that survey government, college, company's relation and system, and must grope direction, which is more efficient. That is may cope more efficiently in tough competition, which will come near future or already came.
With this concept, this research designed to search present status of collaboration in traditional design product industry and setup an efficient collaboration system model for traditional design product industry and academy.